Carnatic Raga _visit page

First Carnatic music app to provide an interface to search for ragas from swaras. It also provides Carnatic music lessons and instrument tuner. I developed this for the Carnatic musicians, learners and music lovers to enable access to Carnatic music in a way they always wanted.

Tamil 101 _visit page

A mobile app that teaches you to write and pronounce Tamil language alphabets in a fun way.

Rack ur Brain

A puzzle game to rack your brain. Available on _android and _browser.

2D platformer _sneak peek

Move, Boost, JumpFreeze!!! A game prototype.

Sharp Shooter _download (14 KiB)

A tiny game that I wrote when I was new to computer programming. It runs on DOS with ASCII graphics.

Turing Composer (under maintenance)

This app is a fusion of my passion for music composition and technology. This application composes novel music score instantly and produces music output.

Verbal Exam (under maintenance)

An educational web application for practicing verbal reasoning tests. It is very useful for GRE test takers.